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Tonstant Weader Reviews Fine Lines

…I also enjoyed Victoria Alexander’s Chance, Nature’s Practical Jokes, and the ‘Non-Utilitarian Delights’ of Butterfly Mimicry. “The chance that mimics choice, the flaw that looks like a flower” as Nabokov described how nature seems to do more than it needs to do merely for survival. While some of the science is quite technical, her writing is clear and also lyrical.




New Republic Reviews Fine Lines

“One of the most revealing essays in the volume is Victoria N. Alexander’s examination of the way Nabokov’s views on butterfly evolution enlivened his imagination.”


Washington Post reviews Fine Lines

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Fine Lines Nabokov’s Scientific ArtWpost

Very positive review of Fine Lines today in Nature!

VN Alexander’s latest work on the surprising non-utilitarian evolutionary mechanisms behind butterfly mimicry will appear in March 2016 in Fine Lines: Nabokov’s Scientific Art, published by Yale University Press.Nature Fine Lines 531304a

VN Alexander on butterflies and artificial intelligence

PopMatters interviewed me about my work as a Public Scholar at NY Council for the Humanities. I am available to speak at any NY state non-profit (at NYCH’s expense) on one of two art-science topics, one on Vladimir Nabokov’s theory of insect mimicry and one on artificial intelligence. The article also links to Fine Lines a beautiful new book from Yale UP about Nabokov’s “scientific art.” I have a chapter in the book along with some really outstanding lepidopterists and science writers. The interview also gives an introduction to my work in biosemiotics. popmatters

How can art and science interact meaningfully?

Based on a talk at the Leonardo Art and Science Rendezvous (LASER) meeting in NYC on April 12, 2014, Victoria N Alexander, PhD discusses how art can benefit science through a biosemiotic perspective. This is the second video in the “Science, Art and Biosemiotics” series, produced and directed by Lucian Rex.


The Science of Making Choices

What happens in our bodies when we decide to go right or left?  What makes our decisions? What do we really mean by choice? VN Alexander, PhD gives a complexity science-biosemiotic view on the science of making choices,  the first in the “Science, Art, and Biosemiotics” Series, produced and directed by Lucian Rex. FRS-102-WHITE-SQUARE